who's ready to rumble?!

(( oh gosh I’m sorry for that unexcused hiatus for the last couple of days. school has overpowered me, we have more practice exams and homework than ever and it’s been a small dream of mine to have a successful ask blog like this one right here! 31 followers is more than i thought i would get, and i’m very thankful for that, but I think that I don’t have enough time to catch up with the questions in my ask box. You might as well un-follow now because i can’t find the time to update, and im working on a report as a type! You can look back at this blog and be like “haha i asked that and got a pretty rad answer” but believe me, the blog won’t get any larger. Thanks for your likes, reblogs, and follows, but I can’t seem to catch a grip with tumblr anymore. Have a wonderful Saturday! <3 Tetra ))